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Sharing drives engagement

So your sharing should be way better

Stream SDK drives engagement to app

Users become promoters

Enable word of mouth referrals

People are more likely to trust personal referrals.

Arm your users with tools to share to any social network, email or SMS.

Spreading the word to friends & followers will drive more downloads & traffic to your app.
Stream SDK drives referral traffic

Visual, conditional links

Drive traffic in-app, not only to the web

Stream SDK has conditional links
Every clip is a link that drives traffic back to your app, website, or wherever you want.

Depending on the device, the link will go to the appropriate place.

No limitations

Let users save & share whatever they want

Unlike traditional sharing, users can share anything they see on the screen at any time. Total freedom!

Clips can be text, images, or a combo, so users can create truly unique pieces of content.
Stream SDK has fast in app sharing


Our UI goes with any app

Stream SDK for better in app sharing
Stream SDK lives as a layer on top of a frosted version of your existing UI, so it matches any color scheme.

You can even assign your existing share buttons to Stream in place of default share sheets.

Foster an in-app community

Connect your users to one another

You can display a live feed of all your users' clips, creating a real-time discovery network.

Your app now has a crowd-sourced news feed of all your most popular content, curated by your users.
Stream SDK for crowd sourced brand and user feed

All these services in one package

Why bother with multiple SDKs?

Stream SDK integrates pinterest sdk, tumblr sdk, evernote sdk, facebook sdk, twitter sdk, linkedin sdk, tumblr sdk
Most developers don't implement SDKs for Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. because there are just too many to deal with & maintain.

Stream SDK includes them all, with no dependencies, & as new options become popular, we'll add them for you!